Tuesday, January 20

{Blog Backgrounds}

If you haven't noticed I LOVE to change my blog background. I just thought I would share with you my favorite websites to get free backgrounds- ENJOY!

Cristi's Creations

Aqua Poppy Designs

Chic Blogs

Delightful Dots

Izzy Grace Blogs

Shels Scraps

Simply Chic Blogs


Cutest blog on the block

Allie Brown Layouts

looking forward to seeing your cute blogs....


Sarah said...

scrap-e-blog.blogspot.com is a cute one too! Thanks for sharing these. I love to change mine too!

*K*R*I*S*T*Y* said...

Thats SO funny, just yesterday I googled free blog designs and never found any of those sites you posted.I only knew of the cutest blogs on the block one.I prefer the ones you just copy into a new widget and don't erase your links, such a pain.Thanks!

Julie Barb said...

Thanks Kathy...I only knew about cutest blog on the blog and aqua poppy. Do you mind if I put this on my blog to pass it on?...I'm sure others would enjoy these sites too!

Ben said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Chadster and Brittster said...

Better? Thanks a ton! I wish I could do the cool photo things you do though-that's so cool.

Justin said...

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Nick and Tori said...

Hi! This might be a little weird but i came across your blog and loved it! It is so cute. I am pretty new and not very good at the whole blogging thing but I would love to get better. Your font that you use is so cute up at your header. How do you do that? Like I said I am still a greenhorn so I could use some help if you have the time! THanks

Mendie Herrmann said...
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Mendie Herrmann said...

Thanks so much for sharing! I'm always looking for new ideas and hadn't found some of these. =)

lisa2d said...

Thank you Kathy for the sites to go to for blogs...I went to all of them to just check them out. I can't wait to update my blog...Again Thanks so much.