Wednesday, January 26

Cute bib shop

 I love these bibs from this ETSY shop! You can whip them clean, super cute fabrics, and they leave their clothes clean. I'm addicted to ETSY:) This is "Krew driver" getting excited to eat his rice cereal:)...not sure why he is so happy, its kinda gross. Yes I tried it.
Sumo baby. Just don't tell him that, he is a little sensitive about his thighs:)

 Planning enrichments nights once a month can be stressful but fun. I love thinking up fun ideas just not carrying them out:) I need to get a committee under 80 years old lol This month we are doing "Visiting Teaching with heart" and doing the whole wizard of oz theme. Doing your visiting teaching with the heart of the tin man, the courage of the lion and the brain of the scare crow:) Here is a little pin the heart on the tin man game when they walk in...
 And then we are having sisters dress up as the charaters, the lillipop guild, etc. come and speak, sing, etc.Then for dessert we are having fruit ca-bobs with a fruit of each color of the rainbow and laid on the table like a rainbow with ice cream and granola too and this sign.... Anyway its work but what doesn't kill me makes me stronger I guess....but one day it might just kill me:)
Well better get to bed before this little one gets up. He is sleeping from 7:30- 1 or 2 and then eats then is up at 6am to eat then goes back to sleep til 8:30. I don't really even notice..Its like sleep mommying:) Once we do more solids during the day he should sleep longer but right now I am mostly just nursing...which I love.
my house/backyard is being over taken by toys.... ok just keagans room and the yard but it drives me nutso. Only like 10 or so more years of this:) the kids, not the toys everywhere.


Amy said...

Kathy, I was just catching up on your blog and as always, loved seeing the adorable pictures of your boys! Their dimples are so cute! Aren't boys fun!? When Isaac looked over my shoulder and saw the pic of Keagan's room he said, "Mom, can we go play at that house?" :) he thought all the toys looked so fun. Love you, Amy

Shy said...

Your boys are so cute! The dimples, thighs, everything! Your designs are amazing too :) Such lucky boys to have you!

Brooke Leiberman said...

trying to find your info. i printed out your tin man and wanted to share how i used it. thanks